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North West Sydney Dermatology & Laser

We are a specialist dermatology clinic and a training clinic in high resolution sub-surface imaging of skin cancer. This is known as "cutaneous optical coherence tomography" (OCT). Being a training clinic means your skin cancer consultation may involve more than one doctor in the room.

The imaging technology is to determine if your skin cancer is suitable to be removed non-surgically. The scans take less than 20 seconds and use safe infra-red lasers.

Scans can also be done to verify clearance of skin cancer following treatment of any sort. 

"Biphasic PDT" is a peer-reviewed & published non-invasive skin cancer treatment that was developed at NWS Dermatology. It is an excellent treatment for small basal cell cancers (BCCs) in cosmetically sensitive sites like noses.


Biphasic PDT, when paired with the imaging technology makes it possible for diagnosis, treatment, and verification of removal of common types of skin cancer, with little or no scarring, and without you ever seeing a needle. Please scroll through the before & after photos here. The treatment can be undertaken at the first consultation.

NWS Dermatology also has a branch in Noosa Heads, QLD.

Abstracts of Scientific Communications presented by Dr Stephens at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore, July 2023 are linked below (please click for full size).













More about this treatment is detailed here.


General Information


Appointments at this practice can be made by emailing your referral to Please include a contact phone number and we will get back to you (generally within 48 hours) with an appointment time. You can send a photograph accompanying your referral if you wish but please note that the email is ONLY provided to facilitate appointments. We will NOT respond to requests for medical advice via email. Please phone to arrange a review appointment if you have a problem with your condition, treatment, prescription etc. 

Please note that a referral is not necessarily required for skin cancer assessment or for skin cancer treatment at this practice. Please ask for details.

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