VivoSight OCT
VivoSight OCT

BCC cheek
BCC cheek

BCC cheek prior to compression photodynamic treatment

After treatment
After treatment

Following 2 x compression photodynamic treatments

VivoSight OCT
VivoSight OCT

What we do...

We specialise in the management of skin cancers and sun damage.


This includes pre-cancerous spots, unwanted pigmentation, fine lines, prominent blood vessels and rosacea. All our treatments have been selected for their effectiveness with little or no down-time. Please scroll down the list.


We offer both surgical and non-surgical removal. We have 2 purpose-built surgical theatres and a laser treatment room. ​Treatments include excision, curettage, cautery, photodynamic therapy (see the video here) & topical chemotherapy. We also offer OCT-guided photodynamic skin cancer removal and this treatment is not available anywhere else in Australia.



Dr Stephens has been trained in New York and Germany to use optical coherence tomography (OCT) in the diagnosis of skin cancer and in OCT-guided non-surgical skin cancer removals - see here.  Scans take less than 20 seconds and use a safe infra-red laser light. 


Cutera Excel V is available for facial blood vessels/ redness, rosacea and spider veins. There is no downtime. The cost is from $350. Medicare rebates may apply to treatments. 

See the video here.​


Treatment of actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous spots) with Metvix cream activated by daylight (daylight photodynamic therapy) is available. In a single application, this can achieve a result that can take 3 - 4 weeks using Efudix. Generally, we treat the upper half of your face but we can treat a single spot or a small area such as a nose. Sun damaged scalps can also be treated. Unlike liquid nitrogen treatment, this treatment is more thorough and does not leave you with white spots. Unlike Efudix, it does not leave you with persisting redness. There may be reimbursement through private health insurance providers.

Please note that this treatment requires a referral to Dr Stephens.


Laser Genesis is a painless treatment with no downtime using very short (0.3 ms) 1064nm laser pulses. This penetrates deeply in the skin to heat collagen and destroy tiny blood vessels. A series of 3 or more treatments works best for red scars, general redness, fine lines and acne scarring. A single treatment can result in more immediate rejuvenation. Face treatments are from $500. Laser Genesis can be booked directly with one of our ADNA registered nurses.


Narrow-band UVB phototherapy using a Waldmann 7002 cabinet is available for skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. Most treatments take less than 2 minutes. UVB treatments are bulk-billed but a consultation is necessary prior to a course of treatment. UVB treatments are available until 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Please note that we are not an allergy clinic.