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Ph. (02) 9629 7341


 Pigmented nodular BCC, 1.1mm depth. Before & after biphasic PDT. 

Suite 7, Noosa Central, 6 Bottlebrush Ave, Noosa Heads, QLD 4567

Ph. (02) 9629 7341


Noosaderm Skin Cancer Care is a specialist skin cancer clinic which was set up in July 2023 by Dr Robert Stephens FACD (Dermatologist) to provide new innovations in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. Our aim is to provide you with all options of skin cancer removal, not just surgery. Having high resolution sub-surface imaging (optical coherence tomography or "OCT") available is crucial in this regard. This technology is routinely used in assessment of suspicious lesions at our clinic.

The imaging means that many common types of skin cancer (including many BCCs and some SCCs) can be diagnosed, mapped and precise tumour depth can be measured. This can rule-in or rule-out non-invasive treatment. Treatment can often be undertaken immediately.


Following treatment, we will perform imaging to confirm complete removal of the skin cancer.  Imaging is not charged in addition to consultation fees.

Surgical removal is also available at Noosaderm. Surgery is necessary for larger tumours and for melanoma skin cancer. 


Training of other doctors in the use of OCT imaging in skin cancer is also a function of the clinic hence consultations may involve more than one doctor in the room.

The clinic is run on a Friday by Dr Robert Stephens MB BS FACD and Dr Antony Johnston MD FRACGP.

Antony grew up on the Sunshine Coast and also runs a multiple sclerosis clinic at Sunshine Coast University Hospital. He has a passion for new technology & innovation in skin cancer management and has trained in the use of OCT for over 12 months.


This is a summary of services at Noosaderm:


  • General examination, video-dermatoscopy and high resolution sub-surface imaging (OCT scanning) of skin cancers & suspicious lesions

  • Surgical and non-surgical skin cancer treatment including biphasic PDT (see more before & after images in this link)

  • Post-treatment OCT scanning to verify successful removal

  • Treatment of sunspots (actinic keratoses) including conventional and enhanced daylight activated photodynamic treatments.

For bookings & enquiries, please phone our Sydney practice on (02) 9629 7341 .

On Mondays through Thursdays, the Noosaderm facility is also the rooms of Dr Kendall Sharpe and Dr Katherine York at Beachside Dermatology.

For Beachside Dermatology bookings & enquiries, please use the link here, or phone (07) 5204 1011  Monday-Thursday.

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