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Biphasic PDT costs
(Sydney rooms)

On top of the initial consultation (currently $300), treatment costs* are as follows:

OCT scan & reading:                  $180

1st treatment:                               $350

2nd treatment*:                            $350


Note: If the referral is for a single lesion requiring 2 treatments then the OCT fee will be waived. In such case the total charge for consultation + OCT scanning + 2 treatments, will be $1000.

The waiving of OCT fees will not apply to "general checks" or for assessment of more than 1 lesion.


Post-treatment review with or without OCT scanning (which is done from 4 mths later) is $200. 


*Very thin lesions (< 0.5mm thick) may only require 1 treatment.

Note: As the treatment cost includes a significant pharmaceutical component, the cost may be claimable on some private health insurance policies.

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